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Camtrip Cages are tough, lightweight dependable traps designed and engineered to catch bobcats and fox. They are easy to use, easy to transport and when coupled with proper trapping techniques they are the most effective bobcat and fox cage available.
Will they catch and hold other critters? Of course they will. Camtrip Cages have caught and held javelina, fisher, feral dogs, coyotes, badger and raccoon with little or no damage from Washington state to Maine. Camtrip Cages will also catch the smaller stuff like skunks and possum.
Camtrip Cages have caught and held….coati, red fox, and ringtail cat.

Cage specifications 

Style: Frameless body,  guillotine door.

Tripping mechanism: Fully adjustable pan tension. Adj. from 2#s to as heavy as you please


  • Frame and pan - 16 gauge cold rolled steel
  • Door and misc.- all cold rolled solid bar
  • Body- Riverdale made in USA 14 gauge GBF 1”X1” welded wire mesh
  • Assembly- welded construction with pneumatic “j” clips on cage body                    * no hog rings or other weak-link fasteners

Weight: At apx. 12 pounds each a set of three weighs 37 pounds.

Finish: Cages are delivered prime painted.

11”X20”, 10”X19”, 9”X18”, 8”X17” all 36” in length

*NOTE Cages are sold in sets of three or four. Single cages are NOT offered.

Standard set of cages includes an 11”, 10” and 9” with the option of adding an 8” for a set of four.

Pricing: Orders of 1-2 sets of cages (remember a set is three cages) are $300.00 per set ($390.00 for a set of four) and orders of 3 or more sets sell at $285.00 per set ($375.00 for sets of four).

Shipping: Cages are shipped in a custom made heavy (#275) cardboard carton with plywood ends for a near zero damage factor. Shipping via UPS can range from $70 on the west coast to as much as $80 to the east and south east (USA)

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