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Trapperman CagingBobcats

In conjunction with Trapperman gave away a set of three cages under the following guidelines:

The theme will be "family fun"

The picture must have at least two people and a cage trapped bobcat (any cage trap) in it.

The winning photo will very likely have both parents and/or one or more children in it. The family dog would be a nice touch as well.

If you don't have a spouse/family taking a couple of neighborhood kids or friends out on the line will do nicely.


1) The photo will contain at a minimum the subjects noted above.
2) Only ONE I repeat ONE picture per MEMBER. Post now and if you get a better picture down the road simply modify your post with the new pic.
3) The picture must be from THIS YEAR
4) The contest will end at midnight February 15, 2012
5) Include a brief (30 words max.) caption noting anything that made the day/picture memorable.

You can see the original post here

Below are the pictures submitted:

Cageycat and Family

Cagin4fun and Family

Calitrap and Family

Caillier30's contribution

CBB's two excited boys

Chris Miller's Girls

Francis and Family

Monster Toms and Son

Plsrskr's Family

Rawcalls (with) girlfriend

South Central and Family

Spotted Cat and Family

Spotted Fever and Family

SusieS and Son

Trap-n-Trade and his better half

Trappin Gal and Boys

Wrangler Clem and Family

Yamacats attempted entry....

And the winner is the Francis family. He plans to introduce others to the sport with his winnings.

Congratulations to the Francis Family!

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest!