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2012 End of the line update

2012 update

        Wow!  Amazing!  What a great year.

      I would first like to thank, from the bottom of my heart all of the folks who took the time to write, call, email and text the truly wonderful comments and thank you’s I received throughout 2011 and now into 2012.  This adventure has been and continues to be a tremendously rewarding and enjoyable experience. 

     This past year I received many phone calls hearing back from first time trappers, men, women and kid’s alike all calling just to say thanks and to share their experience of catching their first cat with me.  I also heard back from some old timers who haven’t trapped since “the good old days” who took the time to mail in actual photographs of their first cage trapped bobcat.  I was also lucky enough to be partly responsible for some pretty large catches and fur checks from guys using my equipment and techniques.   These new relationships and contacts with trappers from all over the U.S. and Canada are something I value and respect and that respect will keep me working towards providing only honest, proven, helpful information and quality products.

      My year?  Why thanks for asking.  I had an awesome trapping season.  A little hectic sometimes keeping up with all the folks calling in the middle of season wanting traps (you know who you are) but I got out and trapped plenty.  It is never enough of course but I managed to catch more cats than any previous season.  I spent some quality time on the line with my wife and kids and gathered a bunch of fresh trail camera footage of cats working cage traps that if time allows I will get into a new cage trapping video this summer.  In the end I caught 127 cats in cage traps and called and shot 9 others.  Of the 127 I turned loose 31 females and kittens.

     2011 successes:  2011 was simply a tremendous year for products.  My cage sales far exceeded my predictions and the video sales have been terrific.  The traps and/or the videos were involved in some remarkable catches, memorable moments and even set some records.  These are some that come to mind: Dozens upon dozens of first time trappers harvesting cats and getting top dollar for their put up fur when combining the DVD’s and the cage traps. Some as many as 45 cats in their first year of trapping!  High cat of $1,000.00 at the Arizona Trappers’ association fur sale caught in a Camtrip cage and put up using Top Dollar Cats.  High cat at the Colorado Trappers’ association fur sale.  High cat of $1140.00 and set a record for most money paid for a single cat at the Farmington New Mexico fur auction. Over 400 bobcats caught in Camtrip cage traps sold at the Fallon, Nevada fur sale.  14 trappers nationwide (the ones I am aware of) took more than 40 bobcats in Camtrip cage traps with 3 of them taking more than 70 each.      

       New for 2012:  This past February I took the two hour drive over to the factory where I have many of the parts made for the cage traps and met with the engineer there.  We sat down and went over every individual piece of the cage trap looking for any change no matter how minor it seemed that might make it a better, stronger cage and not compromise the overall design of the trap of being lightweight and efficient.  We came up with a few very slight adjustments to some dimensions of individual parts and some material thickness changes that will make the traps just a little stronger and more durable.  After meeting with the engineer I sat down with my fabricators who help me build the cages and we had a talk about our continued dedication to build quality traps.  We also put into effect a few changes in the assembly process that had been on my mind.  These changes are all slight and have not affected the dimensions of the cage traps or the ability to nest with previous generation cages.  To the untrained eye the changes will go largely un-noticed and have only added a pound or so to the overall weight. 

     Plans and goals for 2012 my primary goal is to have traps on hand anytime the phone rings.  I have put a ton of money into inventory and will do my absolute best to keep up.  Just as importantly I promise to get busy on some helpful tips and videos for the website.  I have a new friend who is a lot better on the computer than me so keep an eye on the website for new content.  I also filmed this past season for another cage trapping DVD with more on the line footage and of course a bunch of new and revealing trail cam footage.  With a little luck this may finally be the year that I get the “Cage Magic” line of trapping lures up and running.   I have one new product that has been two years in the making and testing.  Look for it to be announced at the Western NTA convention in Rock Springs Wyoming.

     Schedule:  The only thing written in stone at this point is the trip to the Western NTA June 2nd and 3rd and the AZ Trappers’ assoc. rendezvous in Globe, AZ. July 28.  I will try and make the SWFA in Strawberry Sept. 15 but if not I will probably send someone with a load of traps.  I should also have traps available at the NVTA rendezvous.

     Again, thank you to all for your patronage past and future, the phone calls, visits, pictures and friendships.

Mercer Lawing